VVV Dordrecht

VVV Dordrecht is the reception area in Dordrecht where you can find inspiration about the city. The informal atmosphere of VVV Dordrecht, with its cosy seating areas, free WIFI and delicious coffee, invites you to view the audiovisual presentation about the city, the exhibition Schatten van Dordrecht and the interactive scale model.
In the VVV shop, books, maps, city walks, routes and souvenirs are for sale. In addition, various brochures about the city and region are available and you can rent bicycles, e-bikes and e-choppers. 

In the VVV webshop you will find all kinds of Dordrecht souvenirs, cycling and walking maps and the well-known gift cards such as VVV Cadeaukaart, VVV Dinercheque and VVV Lekkerweg. Please note: it is not possible to redeem the Doe Dordrecht Kadobon for another gift card.

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€ 12.50 to € 26 per day
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