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Fresh and fruity into spring!

Go into spring in tip-top shape! With season-appropriate grooming, score the latest spring coats for men, women and children, and don't forget to enjoy the beautiful weather while walking.

For example, take a trip on the revamped Rondje Dordt.

Yummy pastel colors and flowers on nails

Going into spring feeling good is certainly possible at LOTT. Beauty Salon. The nails given a new look by Charlotte van Geenen are currently all about spring. With pastel and spring colors like green, yellow, baby blue and light pink and trendy floral prints on your nails "I notice that when the sun starts to shine, people want a different look on their nails," says Charlotte. "They want cheerful spring colors, and that's fitting, because I have a book full of pastel colors. The jewelry in my store also features those spring colors. Just like in the decoration of the nails: the famous French manicure is no longer with a white border, but with a color that suits spring. Every year you also see a lot of daisies on nails. This spring too. What is totally in is a natural base on the nail in terms of color and then nail art on top." That natural is also reflected in the shape of the nail: away with all those long nails! You now see a shorter, almond-shaped variety.  

LOTT. Beauty Salon, Voorstraat 339
LOTT. Beauty salon care nails Vriesestraat Dordrecht

Very popular: spring peels

A facial really something for winter? Anaïda Torosjan of Beauty Phylosophy thinks otherwise. Especially now, a facial is a treat, to go into spring fresh. The spring peeling, which loosens the skin's dead top layer and gets new skin cells - is therefore very popular at Anaïda's business. As are pedicures and manicures. Many people opt for BIAB: a kind of gel polish that comes on your own nail, giving the nail a natural shape. In addition, Anaïda books quite a few laser treatments in the spring. Completing your spring look at Beauty Phylosophy? Then choose the hairdresser. She can do a treatment with Olaplex products: a super treatment that makes hair less dull and more shiny. Ideal for spring! Anaïda: "I really notice by the mood of my clients that people are looking forward to spring. They come in happy and leave even happier. They enjoy the treatment and are ready for spring. It also helps that we are in the heart of the city center: many clients combine a treatment at Beauty Phylosophy with a visit to a terrace."

Beauty Phylosophy, Voorstraat 298a
Beauty Phylosophy grooming hairdresser center Dordrecht

A fine jacket for all weather

Scoring a new women's coat is a breeze at Bahlmann Mode. Like the spring fashion, the large collection of coats is very colorful. Ideal for spring! Fuchsia, cobalt, green, sand color and lilac: fresh and fruity into spring is certainly possible with the spring coats of the Dordt clothing store. You will find both longer and shorter models. Kees van Buchem: "People like to have a functional jacket. Especially with our climate: in all types of weather you need a nice coat. The trench coat is back, often in a nice sand color." Bahlmann Mode has a new brand: Rain Couture. From a Dutch designer who has created a coat especially for the Dutch climate. A wind- and waterproof one that comes in different models and colors. Also with a matching rain hat! And if you want to wear the coat as long as possible, you can also buy a special bodywarmer that can be buttoned into the coat. Super handy! And do you feel like buying a new scarf for spring, since it can be chilly too? Bahlmann Mode has all kinds of scarves in its assortment, with cheerful designs for spring.

Bahlmann Mode, Voorstraat 352
Bahlman shopping ladies fashion center Voorstraat Dordrecht

Run on leather jacket with suede

Fresh into spring with a new spring coat for men beats all at Habets menswear. The leather jackets with suede were sold out right away! A hot item for this spring, which of course was immediately ordered again by owner Mark Habets. These jackets are doing well, but also the windbreakers: parka models, or the somewhat longer raincoat models. The traditional summer jacket is increasingly making way for a comfortable, knitted blazer model. This is something between a jacket and a vest. With a bit more stretch, so the jacket fits comfortably. Nice with a shirt underneath or casual with a T-shirt! "In terms of colors, we see a lot of blue in men's coat fashion this spring. Earth tones such as pebble or rusty brown are also doing well. Pastel shades look great underneath." These can be longer coats or somewhat shorter models, as there is a mix between long and short this spring. Mark has another tip for Dordt vacationers: "Never forget to bring a thinner jacket, even if you're going to southern Italy! The weather can suddenly turn."

Habets menswear, Korte Breestraat 1
Habets menswear shopping Vriesestraat Dordrecht

From floral to panther print

There's no shortage of spring coats for kids at children's clothing store Name It. Fortunately, because if you are looking for a cheerful coat for your child this spring, you are in the right place. The coats show lots of color, not to mention flowers. Soft colors for the girls and some darker colors for the boys, says Humeyra Safranti. "For the coats for girls the main colors are beige, red and yellow. There are frequent floral and panther prints on the coats, fun prints for this spring! The boys' coats are a bit darker in color, actually for years. There, light and dark blues do well, as does green." This spring's coats are made of a somewhat thinner fabric, which is very pleasant for children, Humeyra notes. "Children get hot quickly playing outside. The jackets are made in such a way that they still block wind and rain."

Name It, Drievriendenhof 6

Walking in the cozy downtown and nature-rich polder

Spring is the perfect time to walk in the city center. For example, choose the renewed Rondje Dordt! This is a city walk through the historic city center, available at the VVV ( Spuiboulevard 99). Stroll through the attractive shopping streets, taste the flavors of the city in the coziest restaurants and visit a show in the cinema or theater. You probably already knew, but Dordrecht has a lot to offer in terms of shopping, culture and culinary delights. And did you know that the city is surrounded by beautiful nature? Go into the polder, to the Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch! It's only a fifteen-minute bike ride from downtown and you already feel like you're in another world. It is a varied nature and recreation area close to the city. You can cycle and walk, also on the constructed plank path. But horseback riding, picnicking or just wandering around are also attractive options. Above all, it is one of the best places for bird watching. Are you with children? Then visit the alder play forest. Children will have a great time clambering through the pipes and over the hills here, and they will splash around with the water pump.

Walking Tour: Rondje Dordt
Rondje Dordt - renewed 2023 - city walk walking walking route Dordrecht

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