Enjoy this summer in Dordrecht

Come and enjoy yourself in Dordrecht, a city with a truly unique offer in a historical setting. Are you more of an active or nature person? Then be sure to visit the Biesbosch, our own green backyard, less than 15 minutes from the centre.

We are happy to help you make your visit to Dordrecht even more enjoyable. But you can also let Nielson, well-known singer and proud Dordrecht inhabitant, show you around. He will show you his favourite places in the city, based on your own choices. Click on the film on the right and let our (digital) city guide show you around.

Top 5 tips

E-Bike charging station

Visit the Dordrecht Museum

Museumstraat 40
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Food & Drink

Discover the best terraces

June 21, 2023

Climb the tower of the Great Church

Lange Geldersekade 2

Hunt for unique shops

14 Locations
Round trip Barone Wolwevershaven Damiatebrug Dordrecht

Discover Dordrecht from the water

Discover historic Dordrecht

Beautiful monuments, historic inner city harbours, a great atmosphere. Walk or sail through the city, visit the Grote Kerk, Dordrecht's most famous monument and a landmark in the city. The leaning tower, which houses the 67-bell carillon, is a striking feature. Go to Het Hof van Nederland, wander around in museum Huis van Gijn, admire the paintings of Dutch masters in the Dordrechts Museum and feast your eyes in the many art and antique shops. The rich history can be seen on almost every street corner in the hundreds of monuments in the inner city. Buildings built in various styles, from Gothic to Jugendstil, alternate with each other.

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Walking - historical Dordrecht

Surprising shopping routes

Distillery Rutte - Dordrecht - liqueur tasting

Made in Dordrecht

13 Locations
Rockin Items shopping Voorstraat Noord Dordrecht

Endless shopping for ladies

18 Locations
Atelier Wereldwijven - Dordrecht - Wijnstraat - housing development

A world tour through Dordrecht

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City Roastery - Dordrecht - coffee - coffee beans

Sustainable Dordrecht

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Active or relaxed in the Biesbosch

For the ultimate holiday feeling, you do not have to go far away. Because Dordrecht is particularly close by! At these surprising Dordt spots in the Biesbosch, you can completely relax. Nice and active outdoors in a relaxed atmosphere and that close to home. What more could you want this summer?

The most beautiful bicycle tours

National Park de Biesbosch autumn nature dog Dordrecht

Biesbosch National Park

Boat rental
Children's parties
Team outings

Active on the water

Rijksstraatweg 186
Biesbosch National Park
Outdoor venues

"Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch"

Noorder Elsweg

Enjoying a drink on a terrace remains a pleasant leisure activity for many. Especially when the sun is shining, it feels like a little holiday in your own country. For a long time, 'plopping down' was not possible because of the corona measures. In Dordrecht, however, there are more than enough possibilities. Various catering establishments have designed their (renovated) terraces or inner gardens in such a way as to guarantee enjoyment with a capital 'G'.